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Studying Recorder at the Conservatory of Amsterdam

The general study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam is divided into two so-called ‘phases’:

Bachelor's Degree Programme: this programme has a maximum of 4 years and leads to a general teaching diploma which can be seen as the actual and complete study.

Master of Music Degree Programme: this programme allows students with an outstanding performing talent the opportunity to add another maximum of 2 years in order to focus especially on performance. Only a limited number of students are accepted to this programme.

A Preparatory Phase precedes the degree programmes. During this preparatory phase young students acquire the instrumental skills, musical insight and theoretical grounding which enables them to pass the entrance examination for the Bachelor's Degree Programme.

Furthermore, there are limited opportunities for refresher courses, follow-up courses and contract study. These are supplementary activities intended for professional musicians wishing to acquire and/or update specific knowledge and skills.

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes constitute a thorough preparation for those wishing to embark on a professional career as a performer, teacher or composer. In our view, the ‘BLOK’ student requires an as wide and varied fundament as possible. It is for this reason that the majority of students will enter the ‘BLOK’ at the Bachelor level. An eventual clear ambition for the Masters program will only be discussed during the 4th study-year.

Since the recorder requirements for both Phases are so specific, we cannot speak about an ‘easier’ or a ‘more difficult’ examination. As Bachelor focuses on the presentation of a great diversity in both literature and knowledge, the Master studies can be much more focused on specific and evident performer’s qualities such as pure playing and personality. For both directions a great importance will be attached to the programming and organization of the final recital.


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Early Music
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