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Learning Objective

After the two-year course, students will have been able to develop their talents in line with the plan of study. They will then be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level.

Principal subject
Candidates may choose between solo playing and ensemble playing with an emphasis on the specialization. Principal private lessons by appointment.

Final project
The student will adopt a more specialized approach to the repertoire of his/her principal study and will undertake research, on which he/she will report. To be determined by the student himself/herself.

Additional instruction in the principal study
- introductory courses: historical instruments (for example traverso or viola da gamba) or improvisation
- coached ensembles
- projects

Student activities
Playing, performing, participating in ensembles and projects.

Methods of instruction
Individual lessons, group lessons
If students enrol in the performance-academic or the performance-pedagogy programme, the learning objective and curriculum will be tailored to fit the desired course of study in consultation with the teacher and the department head.

Other Subjects
The student may choose from a number of master level subjects and additional 'free space' electives. Information on research is provided separately.

Assessment Following the First Academic Year (Evaluation)
Halfway through the master level study the student's progress will be discussed during an examination (recital/presentation/discussion). The examination will last approximately 30 minutes and the student, teacher(s) and a representative of the Board of Directors will take part in the discussion regarding the student's progress.

Final Examination
1. The candidate will give a final presentation. He/she will present a programme of works from various style periods or originating from the specialization. The recital must also be supported by an academic paper, which must be presented in the form of a lecture (lecture recital) and/or as a publication in a renowned professional journal.
2. Together, the concert and the lecture will not exceed 90 minutes. The candidate must submit his/her programme no later than 1 March to the Student Registrar Office using the forms provided for that purpose.
The final examination will be evaluated by a committee comprising a representative of the Board of Directors, principal study teachers and one or more outside experts, depending on the possible specialization.

Criteria for Completion
1. Credits to be earned in connection with the final examination: credits in respect of the principal subject. Research/lecture credits will be earned separately.
2. Additional subject credits, as part of the principal study, to be earned.
3. Master level subjects and 'free space' credits to be earned.
Students will be admitted to the final examination only after the credits referred to above in the second and third points of the list of criteria have been earned.


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Early Music
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(solo and chamber music, live electronics)

Technique classes, Historical Development, Arrangement, Methodology